Roddas Cornish Clotted Cream 200g


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Deliciously indulgent Cornish clotted cream made from 100% Cornish milk, using the traditional method of separating cream from milk and then gently baking it.

The crowning glory of Rodda’s clotted cream has always been its delicious golden “crust”, which is especially rich and delicate, because of the quality of the milk used to make it and the way it is baked. Its serves as a protective seal of freshness for the silky cream below and is a sign of quality, rather like gold-top milk!

Rodda’s dairy cows are grazed on grass higher in beta-carotene and the milk is produced within 30 miles of the creamery.

The 227g pot is shown on the left side of the product photo. The pot shown on the right is for 113g of clotted cream