Cornish Sea Salt – Original (Copy)


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Cornish Sea Salt harnesses the natural purity of the Atlantic to deliver more flavour for less salt.

fresh sea water is taken directly from the ocean and carefully filtered to get rid of silt and sand before concentrating it into saturated brine. This super salty brine is poured into enormous vats, and gently heated so that salt crystals gradually start to form on the surface. As the density of the crystals develops the salt sinks to the bottom of the brine. It is then hand-harvested at the perfect moment to get the crunchy texture and intense flavour of Sea Salt Original.

The Cornish Sea Salt Co. only take a small portion of salt from the sea water, and once the sea salt has been harvested, the remaining sea water is returned to the sea (it trickles down a natural fault in the rock face). Cornish Sea Salt is the only British sea salt company that returns sea water back to the ocean as opposed to distilled water (which, over time, can have an effect on local salinity levels.)